OKB01 (Opytno Konstructorskoe Buro 01) is a Creative Military Graphic enterprise composed by just one person: Mauro Roder, who born in Milan on May 12th, 1975.
Grown up between Aviano-Istrana-Rivolto Air Bases triangle in North Eastern region of Italy, Mauro during his scolastic syllabus gained a Technical Degree in 1994 first, then Economy Sciences student at Venice University and in 2002 he gained the doctorate in “The Sciences of Communications” academic course at University of Trieste, subsequently attaining the academic title of “Cultore della Materia” in "Italian Speech Style and Rethorics" thanks to his doctorate thesis about Aviano AB/USAF PR's style and communication.
Through the years he worked also as freelance graphic designer in both civilian and military contexts, becoming co-author of some books too.
Since 1994 he joined Air Forces professional world working on military graphics and communication -focusing on patches and aircraft profiles- and in 2008 he founded OKB01.
Mauro lives and works in a very small town of Pre-Alpine Area with his girfriend.